When we think of England, we imagine rain pouring over green countryside, whilst polite, posh people sit inside their cottages sipping tea and obsessing over the queen. Most British people will tell you that although they love a good cup of tea, and yes it does rain a lot, that view of England isn’t even close to being accurate. When we think of America, you might imagine overweight people obsessing over guns and sports, eating fast food constantly but always being sure to tip their server. Again, the more Americans we meet, the more we realise that this is wrong.

So what do people think of when they consider Australia? Everyone lives by the beach and is super chilled out, drinking beer and cooking everything on the barbeque. The outback is on their doorstep, kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles, snakes, and deadly spiders are everywhere, and it’s hot and sunny all year round. Everyone wears singlets, shorts and thongs all the time and is ridiculously tanned, attractive and in great shape.

If you’re in Sydney or Melbourne, for example, right now you will be well aware that it is neither hot nor sunny – yes, winter is real. There’s no danger of seeing a kangaroo hop past your window or a crocodile on the beach. People rarely wear singlets or thongs – the cities are too stylish and far too cold. Some visitors to Australia are disappointed by the lack of shrimp on the barbie, as they realise that everything they thought they knew about this country was a lie. But if you head north-east, there’s a place where Australian stereotypes come to life, a place where your Australian dreams come true: Far North Queensland. Here’s 10 ways in which Far North Queensland fulfils your Australian stereotypes.

  1. The weather

Whilst other parts of Aus do experience cold winters, with temperatures dropping below zero at times, it is unlikely to see temperatures below 20 degrees in FNQ. It does get cloudy and (very) rainy at times, but Queensland is called the sunshine state for a reason.

  1. Fashion

Sydney and Melbourne may be style capitals, but FNQ is where you’ll find your laid-back, natural looking Aussies. Many will be wearing singlets, and even more will be wearing thongs. Most will wear little to no makeup and rock a natural look. Unfortunately those hats with the corks hanging off were a lie though – nobody wears those.

  1. Friendly people

It may be true that in general Australians are a friendly bunch, but it can be argued that we see this more in FNQ for some reason. People are pretty chilled out, smiley, and happy to help a mate out.

  1. Tanned people

Whilst it’s not true that all Aussies tan really easily and are brown all the time, the weather in FNQ does mean that a lot of the people there are rocking a tan. As for everybody being super attractive and athletic, people come in all shapes and sizes wherever you go and FNQ is no exception.

  1. Beaches

Not all of FNQ is by the sea, but it is home to some beautiful beaches and must-drive coastal highways. There are a fair few surfers up here too, but not as many as the stereotypes would have us think. Shocker – not all Australians are surfers.

  1. The Outback

Yes, the Northern outback is partially in Queensland, so we have that covered too. It’s exactly what most people expect, with red earth, a few small towns, and very few people per square mile.

  1. Crocodiles

Thanks to Steve Irwin, everybody thinks they’ll see crocs everywhere in Aus. They’re not everywhere, but saltwater crocodiles are around in FNQ. Do be careful about where you swim and pay attention to signs warning you about crocodiles. They do sometimes wander out of the water to hang out, too. But also remember that on average only one person in Australia is killed by a crocodile each year.

  1. Spiders

Australia is home to over 2,400 species of spider, and the tropical natural of FNQ seems to attract them to the area. But contrary to common belief, most of them don’t have the potential to kill you. Whilst some are potentially dangerous, anti-venom is widely available so it is highly unlikely that you’ll die for a spider bite. Also, if you leave them alone, they’ll leave you alone too.

  1. Snakes

Yes, Australia is also home to around 170 species of snakes, including 9 of the top 10 deadliest snake species on the planet. But we don’t see them as often as you’d think, and like spiders, they really just want to be left alone.

  1. Kangaroos

When people travel to Aus, seeing a kangaroo or a wallaby is pretty exciting. Far North Queensland does have a few, although you won’t see them as often as the stereotypes would lead you to believe.

While most motorcycle enthusiasts love getting out for a ride pretty much anywhere they can, we can probably all agree that some rides are rather more enjoyable than others. Getting stuck in horrendous traffic or fighting severe weather conditions can often get us daydreaming of wide open roads and glorious summer weather. If this sounds familiar, we have the location to make your biking dreams come true. Far North Queensland is heaven for bikers, and here’s why…

For starters, this part of Australia is paradise by anyone’s standards – bikers or otherwise. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the sunshine, friendly people, stunning natural scenery, and relaxed vibes. So, yes, it could be argued that FNQ is basically heaven for anybody. But bikers see even more than palm trees and white sandy beaches; when a biker first sets foot here, they’re taking in the smooth, wide roads, and not to mention the fact that there’s hardly anyone else on them.  Coming across big wide roads which are (generally) in good condition, with no traffic, is basically like finding gold. Even better, there are twists, turns and corners galore, with new stunning surprises around every bend. It would be impossible to get bored on a bike ride here.

In case that’s not enough to convince you to book a plane ticket right now, the sun shines on Queensland all year round, and there’s never a cold day. You’ll never have to worry about icy riding conditions – winter here means 27 degrees and clear blue skies, but we just call it dream biking weather. Full disclosure, the summer months can get quite wet – yes, it even rains in paradise, but without the rain we couldn’t have the beautiful rainforest.

Which leads me on to my next point: possibly the best thing about Far North Queensland for bikers is the breathtaking scenery that makes every ride nothing short of an absolute pleasure. Even the shortest of trips can take you through various backdrops of stunning coastline, beautiful mountain ranges, and tropical rainforests. But that said, why take a short ride when the area lends itself so perfectly to longer ones? You could never get bored of the ever-changing scenery, and the fantastic range of quirky cafes, award-winning restaurants, and luxurious hotels are enough to tempt anyone into extending their ride into a multi-day trip. Not to mention, you’ll need time to stop at every stunning lookout, gorgeous waterfall, and world heritage site. Trust me, it’s worth it. In fact, you may never want to leave.

Streetwise Motorbike Tours are designed to give you the best biking experience possible, and that’s why the very best of the best of Far North Queensland has been handpicked and sorted into four different motorcycle trips of various lengths. If the best motorbike highways, corners upon corners, beautiful weather and spectacular scenery sounds like your cup of tea, all that’s left to do is book your spot.

We have a great fleet available for hire. Whether you want to ride but don’t want the cost of owning a bike , car getting serviced or just feel the need for a ride, we have the bike to suit you. Rates vary from Daily Rate through to longer term along with carious insurance options. Call us to discuss today 0414987149

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