Can my tour be cancelled immediately, with no refund?

As per our safety tab under Streetwise Info on the home page, there are certain mitigating circumstances that may result in immediate termination of your tour, with no refund applicable. Please ensure you are familiar with these instances. We endeavour to provide a safe environment for all guests, so it is important to read the information under the safety tab prior to commencing your tour.

Streetwise Motorbike Tours are very safety focused and as such we reserve the right to immediately effect termination of an individual/s from the tour, with no refund applicable under any of the following circumstances. If a guest/s is involved in, or causes an issue for other tour participants, tour operators, their employees or contractors, other road users, or other third parties (eg tourist sites/accommodation & food hosts) for the any of the following reason/s, but not limited to:-

-Inappropriate behaviour
-wilful damage to property or vehicles
-physical or verbal abuse
-Operating/riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol
-intentional breach of road rules eg. speeding.
-reckless or dangerous riding causing a safety concern for others.

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