Streetwise Motorbike Tours are focused on safety and as such would ensure you were transported to medical assistance if required, or they may be able to move you to the support vehicle depending on the availability of seating on your particular tour if you are feeling unwell. It is important that you have travel insurance in case of any medical event.

Everyone is required to have full travel insurance that covers them in the event of a medical issue. It must include cover for travel on motorbikes.If you require assistance with this please contact us and we may be able to arrange cover.

Accommodation is always booked as a single room, you are welcome to share accommodation though with a partner or friend, please advise when booking.

You certainly can, as long as you are licenced to do so. Or if you are not appropriately licenced, they can ride on the back of our experienced tour guides bike for the duration of the tour.

Mention what your specific dietary requirements are when booking and we can take care of the rest. If you have any food allergies, please be sure to let us know so we can accommodate your requirements in advance.

We would require 30 days notification prior to the tour commencement date to effect a refund for cancellation. A non-refundable fee of $50 is held though to cover eftpos fees, admin, bookings and cancellation arrangements.

Far North Queensland is a place of changing weather but during our touring months we usually enjoy great conditions. Our tour guides will be tracking weather conditions throughout the tour and in the lead up to the tour commencing. We may leave a little later or track a different route some days to avoid rain but would not cancel our rides unless it was a very adverse weather event.

As per our safety tab under Streetwise Info on the home page, there are certain mitigating circumstances that may result in immediate termination of your tour, with no refund applicable. Please ensure you are familiar with these instances. We endeavour to provide a safe environment for all guests, so it is important to read the information under the safety tab prior to commencing your tour.

Streetwise Motorbike Tours are very safety focused and as such we reserve the right to immediately effect termination of an individual/s from the tour, with no refund applicable under any of the following circumstances. If a guest/s is involved in, or causes an issue for other tour participants, tour operators, their employees or contractors, other road users, or other third parties (eg tourist sites/accommodation & food hosts) for the any of the following reason/s, but not limited to:-

-Inappropriate behaviour
-wilful damage to property or vehicles
-physical or verbal abuse
-Operating/riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol
-intentional breach of road rules eg. speeding.
-reckless or dangerous riding causing a safety concern for others.

Riding jeans/trousers, covered in shoes, you can bring your own helmet, jackets and gloves or you can use ours. Be sure to pack a long sleeve shirt and a T shirt for changing temperatures whilst we ride. Multiple day tours bring casual clothes for the evenings and if touring in winter, the Tablelands can get cool so pack a jumper as well. If touring in summer throw in your swimmers and runners in case you want to go for a swim or take a walk and explore. Of course basic toiletries, cash money for incidentals (not all facilities may have eftpos).

We have a fully equipped support vehicle which can take along a passenger who doesn’t ride on the tour. Feel free to discuss this option with us when booking your tour.

Absolutely, you must have a current valid motorcycle licence, but we accommodate all riding abilities. Our tour guides are also all Accredited Rider trainers for the Queensland Licencing system. Your comfort and fitness to ride will be important depending on the tour you have chosen. If you are unsure, please call to discuss prior to booking.

We have a varied range of well-maintained bikes for our tours. It is also a great opportunity to ride a different style of bike than you are used to and all our bikes suit riding in Far North Queensland. If you have any special requirements for example height, feel free to contact us prior to the booking to discuss.